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Your Source for Intriguing Accent Furniture and Accessories

Even with your furniture in place, does one of your rooms still feel a bit “off”? If you’re just starting out, maybe you don’t yet have the keepsakes that help make a house a home. That’s where well-chosen accent furniture and accessories come into play, and on that score you are in luck. DFW Furniture Warehouse has always made it a point to have a comprehensive selection of accent pieces and sets at your disposal. Sit back and prepare to be amazed, because you too can have designer flair at bargain prices.

Add Visual and Textural Flair with the Right Accent Rug

If you like hardwood but are tired of looking at it all the time, or your feet need a break from it, an accent area rug is an ideal solution to pull together your room’s decor while adding color and texture. This longtime designer’s tool is available to you at DFW Furniture Warehouse in a myriad of options from bold to soothing colors and designs great and small. No matter if your artistic inspiration is classic or modern, we have the accent rug to fit your need.

Home Storage Made Beautiful: Select Accent Cabinets

Maybe you already have enough tchotchkes to make your room “homey” and your problem is you’ve got too much! Your design solution: rotate your display of them by theme, color, or season. An accent cabinet will do double duty for you as both a display space, even spotlighted by one of our attractive accent lamps, as well as the perfect hiding place for out-of-season items. One of our personal favorites includes Eastern influence in the intricate doors and two shelves. It measures almost six feet long.

Break Up a Big Space to Add Interest: Accent Partitions

If your room feels airplane-hangar big, mix things up with one or more beautiful accent partitions. We carry room dividers in classical Asian themes such as wood on a paper frame or opaque with Eastern-themed art, as well as retro art deco and contemporary fashions. Motifs vary from driftwood to banana leaves!

When you need to fill a void in any room’s decor, count on Contra Costa County’s favorite accent furniture source for quality and low prices. Check out your choices through the links on this page, then visit our Concord, CA store or other county location. See you soon!